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  Opening Speech(一)
  Good morning,Distinguished professors and teachers, ladies and gentlemen, thank you forattending the oral defense. (或 Welcome to attend the oral defense.) :
  I am Zhao Jing. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisorZhong Ming, for his intellectual guidance, invaluable instructions and comments on my thesis. It is withhis valuable assistance that I have finally accomplished this thesis.
  The title of my paper is The Masculine Spirit of The Old Man and the SeaThe whole thesis consists of 3 parts. The first part will give brief introductionson the background which contains the social and cultural aspects and the introductionto the author of the masterpiece. In The second part is going to have a briefintroduction of the old man and the sea and analyze the masculine spirits in the oldman and the sea such as the faith optimistic and the wisdom of the hero. In the thirdpart, it is the natural conclusion and the deep consideration.
  I choose this as my topic due to the following reasons. Firstly, I am fond of literatureworks. Secondly, I am quite familiar with this novel as this is one of the texts in our intensive teaching course and I have taught this text for more than 3 times. Last but not the least, I ’m deeply appreciated to the masculine spirit and hope I can get and practiceit in my future. For the above facts, I select the subject of The Masculine Spirit ofThe Old Man and the Sea as the title of my paper.
  I hope by studying this novel we can know more about the author Hemingwayand his honorable masculine spirit. “A man can be destroyed but not be defeated. ”
  Such kind of spirit canhelp us raise our independence and confidence and show more concern for our mentalhealth.
  That’s all. Thank you!
  Opening Speech(二)
  Good morning, professors and everyone. I come from JMU College. I am XXXand my supervisor is prof XXX. With her sincere and intellectual guidance, I havefinished my paper.
  The title of my paper is An Analysis of Ahabs Personality Tragedy in Moby Dick ’ .
  I choose this title as my topic due to the following reasons. Firstly, I am fond ofliterature works , especially gothic literature works. Secondly, I am quite familiar withthis work as this is one of the texts in our American literature course . Last but notleast , Moby-Dick is widely recognized as the summit not only of Melville ’s art but ofAmerican nineteenth-centry fiction.
  The purpose of this essay is to study Captain Ahab,the role in Moby-Dick, whoseleg was bitten by the white whale in his process of the whaling. After losing his leg,he determined to revenge Moby Dick and tried to kill it. In order to revenge, Ahabultimately dooms the crew of the Pequod (save for Ishmael) to death by his obsessionwith Moby Dick. By taking the comprehensive analysis perspective of Moby-Dick,this thesis will point out that the main characteristics of Ahab.
  This paper consists of three parts. Part one presents an introduction to the SocialBackground and the life of the Author Herman Melvillehe ,Part two presents TheMain Characteristics of Ahab. there are three aspects have been divided to analyze hischaracters: his monomania , his selfishness, and his individualism. Part three presentsThe Consequences of Ahab's Personality Tragedy.
  OK, that's all. Thank you !
 ?。?)设计和实施的简单过程 (如, 商务方向:采用什么方法来搜集信息、 资料等);search the information from library and then internet
 ?。?)自己论文的主要内容(不要念论文,最好用 4、5句话简单介绍论文内容,如,商务方向:做了哪些调查,得出什么结论,计划如何实施项目) ;
 ?。?)仍然存在的问题 (如,商务:在实施项目中可能会遇到的风险以及如何解决) ;the aspect which I have  quoted may be not perfect and have many deficiencies
  2、最好准备相关文字并熟记(答辩时要脱稿陈述,但是可以看 PPT 文件)。
  3、语言最好简单清楚, 不要直接用论文中内容, 应该用解释性的句式, 如:When I was designing the lessons,  I found that ….
 ?。ǘ┗卮鹄鲜ξ侍猓ɡ鲜τ糜⒂锾嵛?,学生用英语回答) :
  1、大约有 4-6个问题,时间将持续 10-15分钟。
  2、首先要听清楚问题,如果没有听清,可以要求老师重复问题(可以说 pardon 之类的话)。
 ?。?)Will you please give us a self-introduction? 有些学生可能由于紧张没听清问题便开始背诵论文的内容,结果造成答非所问。
 ?。?)Give us a presentation of your thesis. 有些学生一听到 thesis 便详细而又不理解地背诵其论文内容 ,在被打断之后便不知该说什么。 其实 , 考官只是想知道你对论文的总体了解 , 让你简单阐明自己论文的内容与观点。
 ?。?)Why do you choose such a theme?/ What do you want the reader get from your thesis? 对于这个问题,你可以谈谈你的喜好,你想要读者从中得到什么。
 ?。?)What is the uniqueness of your point of view? 对于这个问题,你可以谈谈你的观点与他人不同之处及原因。这就要求你有相关知识。
 ?。?)关于选题:如 Why did you choose this topic for your paper? 或 Why were you interested in this project ?
 ?。?)关于具体部分:商务方向: SWOT,COSTING,FLOWCHART,RISK,STAKEHOLDER,如 Do you think is this a necessary  activity for the project?
 ?。?)关于背景知识及理论知识:如 What does SWOT stand for? (商务)
 ?。?)关于论文存在的问题:如 In the last sentence on page … there are some grammatical errors.
 ?。?)关于项目或论文将来的发展:如:商务方向: If possible, will you ca
  学生首先要介绍一下论文的概要, 这就是所谓 “自述报告 ”,须强调一点的是 “自述”而不是 “自读”。这里重要的技巧是必须注意不能照本宣读,把报告变成了 “读书”。 “照本宣读 ”是第一大忌。这一部分的内容可包括写作动机、缘由、研究方向、选题比较、研究范围、围绕这一论题的最新研究成果、自己在论文中的新见解、新的理解或新的突破。做到概括简要,言简意赅。不能占用过多时间,一般以十分钟为限。所谓“削繁去冗留清被, 画到无时是熟时 ”,就是说,尽量做到词约旨丰,一语中的。要突出重点,把自己的最大收获、最深体会、最精华与最富特色的部分表述出来。这里要注意一忌主题不明;二忌内容空泛,东拉西扯;三忌平平淡淡,没有重点。
  在答辩时, 学生要注意仪态与风度, 这是进入人们感受渠道的第一信号。 如果答辩者能在最初的两分种内以良好的仪态和风度体现出良好的形象, 就有了一个良好的开端。有人将人的体态分解为最小单位来研究(如头、肩、胸、脊、腰等)认为凹胸显现怯懦、 自卑,挺胸显示情绪高昂 -但过分则为傲慢自负; 肩手颈正显示正直、刚强,脊背挺拔体现严肃而充满自信。但过于如此,就会被人看作拘泥刻板保守,略为弯腰有度,稍稍欠身可表示谦虚礼貌。孙中山先生曾说过 “其所具风度姿态,即使全场有肃然起敬之心, 举动格式又须使听者有安静详和之气 ”他的这番金玉良言,对盛煌平台注册代理确实有很大的启发。
  在回答问题时所要掌握的技巧是构思时要求每个问题所要答的 “中心”“症结”“关 健”在哪里?从哪一个角度去回答问题最好?应举什么例子来证明?回答问题的内容实质上是一段有组织的 “口头作文 ”。这就要一、文章应有论点、论据。二、有开头主体与结尾。三、有条理、有层次。四、应用词确当,语言流畅。五、应口齿清楚、语速适度??芬蚪啵旱サ吨比?,是最好的开头,开门见山地表述观点,在答辩中是最好的办法。 主体部份的表述可条分缕析, 即把所要回答的内容逐条归纳分析, 实际上是对自己掌握的材料由此及彼, 由表及里地做整理。 这样的表述就不会流于表面, 而能深入本质。 条分缕析可以把自己掌握的一些实际例子合并,整理成若干条目,列成几个小标题:分成几点,一点一点,一条一条地说出。满碗的饭必须一口一口吃, 满肚子的道理也必须一条一条讲出来, 环环相扣,条条相连, 令人听完后有清楚的印象。 假如在准备的时候已经准备了一个较完整的提纲,那么沿着回答问题的主线,再穿上一些玉珠(举例子)就可以做到中心明确,条理清楚,有理有例了。
  作为将要参加论文答辩同学, 首先而且必须对自己所着的毕业论文内容有比较深刻理解和比较全面的熟悉。 这是为回答毕业论文答辩委员会成员就有关毕业论文的深度及相关知识面而可能提出的论文答辩问题所做的准备。所谓 “深刻的理解 ”是对毕业论文有横向的把握。
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